SBS for everyone!

The e-SBS is ideal for:
-All in the Body of Christ who desire to explore the riches of Scripture beyond what they are at present.
-YWAM alumni who want to continue their studies earning University of the Nations credit.
-Anyone who would value systematic study of the Bible in a supportive on-line community setting.

Study where you are!

The Field-Based SBS is ideal for:
-Individual YWAM staff who have a passion to know more of God’s word and ways.
-Whole teams to work on together or as part of a team training strategy.
-Integrating into existing base training curriculum to provide a dynamic biblical studies element.

Bible Core Course

-Study your required Bible Core Course in your present location.
-Immediate Integration of your Bible learning with your present ministry.
-Share the journey of learning with an international community.
-Quickly give away what you have learned.

Inductive Bible Study

-Learn practical, non-complicated tools so you can engage with the Bible at a deeper level.
-Discover treasures in the Bible you never knew existed.
-Read the Bible with fresh eyes and gain new revelation.
-Enjoy the reward of self-discovery.

Online SBS

-Dynamic life changing Bible study made accessible.
-Join a community of learners from around the world.
-Learn skills of Bible study that will transform your understanding and engagement with Scripture.
-Let the Bible change your world.

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The nine-month SBS is available in an e-learning format to enable YWAM staff to take this fully accredited University of the Nations course part time while continuing with their base/team ministries and responsibilities. Read more


The e-SBS is designed to make Youth With A Mission’s School of Biblical Studies available to those from all walks of life that have hunger for God’s Word and want to engage with it at a deeper level. The e-SBS is an accredited University of the Nations Extension Studies course. Read more


The three-month Bible Core Course is available in an e-learning format to enable YWAM staff to take this fully accredited University of the Nations Core Course part time while continuing with their base/team ministries and responsibilities. Read more

Important Message for all of our e-SBS and fbSBS students

Because of the new initiative of Online Extension Studies courses in the University of the Nations we no longer need to have these two separate online sbs courses, the e-SBS and the fbSBS.  From 1st September2016, students of both of these courses will have access to our newly prepared single course, the Online SBS.  The module configuration has changed slightly but the material is the same.  Please contact your staff to get the needed module keys so you can log into the book you are presently studying and continue your studies without interruption.

For new applicants:
  We are working on a new website which will be ready soon.  Until this is finished please use the e-SBS application form to apply for this newly prepared Online SBS.  If you have further questions please contact your staff, or email:


fbSBS, e-SBS and fbBCC Demo Courses

Click on this link to check out the fbSBS, e-SBS and fbBCC course.  The first three units are available for you to see what the course looks like and how it works.  The first explains what Inductive Bible Study is and how it works, and the second is a step by step approach using the letter of Paul to Philemon.  The third unit is a study of Titus, and explains the method often used to record our discoveries in the SBS, and why this method is used.  Click on the 'DEMO for the fbSBS, e-SBS and fbBCC' option, and then on the course name.  You should choose the ‘Log in as a Guest’ option to enter the course.  Click on this link to watch a short video presentation about the difference between the three courses, the fbSBS, the e-SBS and the fbBCC.

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The University of the Nations

The King’s Lodge Online School of Biblical Studies course are accredited with Youth With A Mission’s University of the Nations (UofN). On successful completion of our Field Based courses (fbSBS and fbBCC) students earn full UofN credit appropriate to the course and module which can be directly applied to their degree. Our e-SBS students are awarded UofN Extension studies credit with the successful completion of the e-SBS modules. Should an e-SBS student desire to pursue a degree with the UofN, these credits are available for transfer.  Read More

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What is Inductive Bible Study?

What method of applying the inductive approach to Bible Study does the School of Biblical Studies use? The aim of the inductive approach to Bible study is to enable you to study the Bible in context, letting the Bible speak for itself. The questions asked are "What is the human author (inspired by the Holy Spirit) actually saying?" Read more   Nations banner    

Online SBS in Different Languages

The Online SBS can be studied in a growing number of languages.  At present courses are available in English, French, Arabic and coming soon, Spanish!